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Top 5 Tips to Rain-proof Your Property

Top 5 Tips to Rain-proof Your Property

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With spring in full swing and monsoon in the wings, homeowners need to get started on rain-proofing their properties to avoid any nasty surprises later on. If you're interested in getting started on rain-proofing your home, this article will be a great read for you.

5 easy ways to make your home rain-ready
At Total Mortgages, we have seen many homes that have become victims to rain. Use our 5 brilliant tips to rain-proof your home and keep your property safe:

  • Get your rain gutters, drains and downspouts de-clogged and fixed
    Run-off from the rain needs to go somewhere and this is where your gutters, drains and downspouts come in. Clogged gutters, drains and downspouts can lead to rainwater and debris clogging up in your roofs and pipes. This can lead to major leaks and may result in electrocutions. Additionally, stagnant water can lead to malaria and other infections.Have the gutters, drains and downspouts cleaned thoroughly and have all debris removed. If there is stagnant water, have it removed too. Fix any cracks and replace elements that are beyond repair.

  • Re-seal your doors and windows
    Over time, the seal on your windows and doors can break and disintegrate, letting in cold air, sleet and rain from outside. Contact a professional to re-seal your doors and windows before the rain comes calling.
    You should also check out your property’s aluminum and wood sliding and wood shingles. Have the property inspected for wood rot and get it cleaned immediately. When the rot doesn’t build-up your wood remains in good condition.
  • Have your home re-painted with water-proof paint
    One of the leakiest spots of a house, after the roof, is the walls. An indicator that you may need a fresh coat of paint this monsoon is the large, splotchy wet marks on your walls.When re-painting your property, choose paints with thick finishes. The tough and enduring finish in the paint will keep water out of your walls and also add a bright aura around your property.
  • Get the switchboards and wirings in your home checked
    Monsoon brings with it the threat of electrocutions. If you’re overdue for a wiring check at home, we recommend you get a once-over done of your electrical devices immediately. Have loose contacts tightened and replace worn-out wiring.We recommend that you purchase silica gel pockets from your local electrician and place them down around your electrical devices. The gel pockets absorb moisture from the air and prevent any condensation from forming on your devices.
  • Stock on your tarpaulin supplies
    Tarpaulin sheets are a godsend during monsoon season and it’s essential that you have an extra stock of tarpaulin sheets to cover your roofs during heavy rains. Tarpaulin sheets are also great as insect-repellant nets and as covering for sheds, barns and animal shelters.Waterproof and non-flammable, they are the best materials to have at hand during the wet season.