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Get Your Mortgage Broker Online, But Not Your New Home!

Get Your Mortgage Broker Online, But Not Your New Home!

Words by
Jordan Cameron

House hunting has been simplified with online listings of homes for sale, but remember that there is no substitute for a thorough physical check of a house you intend to buy.

While looking for an online mortgage broker, here is a checklist to take along when making the final decision on the home you are considering buying. These are some key areas that could have been neglected and will give a general indication of how well the house has been maintained.

  1. How Old Is The House?

Ask how old the house is. Newer properties are generally less likely to have any significant issues. While older homes may have a more solid construction, they could have outdated technology and non-standard measurements for modern appliances and fixtures. 

  1. Check The Appliances

If the house is being sold with appliances and fixtures, you are well within your rights to test if they are in good working order. If they are not, the seller could either undertake a repair or you could use it as a tool to negotiate a lower selling price. Be sure to factor in the cost of repairs before accepting a reduced price. Your online mortgage broker can give you some good advice on this.

  1. Check The Roof And The Basement

As a homeowner, the roof and the basement are two parts of the home that often get neglected as they are out of sight. Before buying a new home, your online mortgage broker will advise you to thoroughly inspect these two areas for any signs of damage, dampness or leaks. Neglect indicates a general lack of maintenance, and this could lead to more significant problems for you in the future.

  1. Check Windows And Doors

Ensure all doors, windows, door handle and window catches are in good working order. Make sure that doors and windows open and close easily. “Sticky” doors and windows (especially if they are wooden) could indicate a problem with leaks or dampness.

  1. Check Bathrooms And Kitchens

Inspect the bath, shower, basins and toilets for leaks or other damage. Your online mortgage broker will advise you to turn on all the taps and flush the toilets to check their functionality and water pressure.

Contact Total Mortgages today to get more top tips from our expert online mortgage brokers before deciding which house to purchase. It is a long-term liability, and you want to be sure that you are aware of all potential problems with the property before committing.