The Total Guarantee

Total Mortgages Limited (TML) offers a guarantee to have an outcome on an application from at least one lender on your application within fifteen working days from the applicant/s submitting all of their documentation to TML.

An outcome may include, but is not limited to:

● Pre-Approved - Subject to Conditions

● Deferred - Further Information Required

● Declined - Unable to Proceed

The guarantee is fifteen working days (public holidays, weekends and shutdown periods are excluded). The first working day is the day after the applicant/s has submitted all supporting documents to TML.

TML will always do their best to meet the fifteen-day guarantee. However, the guarantee does not apply under the following circumstances;

● Where the applicant/s has less than 20% deposit.

● Where the applicant/s has failed to disclose inportant information in their application.

● Where the applicant/s has a third-party guarantee.

● Where the applicant/s are self-employed or have business income.

● Where the applicant/s has a previous credit history issue.

● Where the applicant/s are applying for construction funding.

● Where the applicant/s has more than three properties.

● Where the applicant/s has non-residential security.

● Where the funding is being applied for at a non-bank lender.

● Where three or more applicants are applying for funding.